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Represents the currently supported versions of the Zune PC client.

  • 3.0
  • 4.0
  • 4.2
  • 4.7
  • 4.8

Standard feed response format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <ratingSystem name="Movies" showBlockUnrated="true" useImages="false" blockText="IDS_BLOCK" title="IDS_CATEGORY" description="IDS_CHOICE">
    <strings language="EN" default="true">
      <string name="IDS_CATEGORY" value="MOVIES" />
      <string name="IDS_CHOICE" value="Maximum allowed Movies rating:" />
      <string name="IDS_BLOCK" value="Block unrated Movies" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_G" value="G" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_PG" value="PG" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_PG-13" value="PG-13" />

      <string name="IDS_RATING_R" value="R" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_NC-17" value="NC-17" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_G" value="All Ages Admitted" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_PG" value="Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_PG-13" value="Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_R" value="Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent Or Adult Guardian" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_NC-17" value="No One 17 and Under Admitted" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_G" value="General Audiences" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_PG" value="Parental Guidance Suggested" />

      <string name="IDS_TIP_PG-13" value="Parents Strongly Cautioned" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_R" value="Restricted" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_NC-17" value="No One 17 and Under Admitted" />
    <rating name="G" order="1" tip="IDS_TIP_G" text="IDS_RATING_G" description="IDS_DESC_G" />
    <rating name="PG" order="2" tip="IDS_TIP_PG" text="IDS_RATING_PG" description="IDS_DESC_PG" />
    <rating name="PG-13" order="3" tip="IDS_TIP_PG-13" text="IDS_RATING_PG-13" description="IDS_DESC_PG-13" />
    <rating name="R" order="4" tip="IDS_TIP_R" text="IDS_RATING_R" description="IDS_DESC_R" />
    <rating name="NC-17" order="5" tip="IDS_TIP_NC-17" text="IDS_RATING_NC-17" description="IDS_DESC_NC-17" />

    <rating name="X" order="6" treatAsUnrated="true" />
    <rating name="AO" order="7" treatAsUnrated="true" />
    <rating name="NR" order="8" treatAsUnrated="true" />
  <ratingSystem name="TV" showBlockUnrated="true" useImages="false" blockText="IDS_BLOCK" title="IDS_CATEGORY" description="IDS_CHOICE">
    <strings language="EN" default="true">
      <string name="IDS_CATEGORY" value="TV" />
      <string name="IDS_CHOICE" value="Maximum allowed TV rating:" />
      <string name="IDS_BLOCK" value="Block unrated TV" />

      <string name="IDS_RATING_Y" value="TV-Y" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_Y7" value="TV-Y7" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_YFV" value="TV-YFV" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_G" value="TV-G" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_PG" value="TV-PG" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_14" value="TV-14" />
      <string name="IDS_RATING_MA" value="TV-MA" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_Y" value="TV-Y" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_Y7" value="TV-Y7" />

      <string name="IDS_TIP_YFV" value="TV-YFV" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_G" value="TV-G" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_PG" value="TV-PG" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_14" value="TV-14" />
      <string name="IDS_TIP_MA" value="TV-MA" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_Y" value="All children" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_Y7" value="Directed to children 7 and older" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_YFV" value="Directed to children 7 and older (fantasy violence)" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_G" value="General audience" />

      <string name="IDS_DESC_PG" value="Parental guidance suggested" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_14" value="May be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age" />
      <string name="IDS_DESC_MA" value="Mature audience - may be unsuitable for children under 17" />
    <rating name="TV-Y" order="1" text="IDS_RATING_Y" description="IDS_DESC_Y" tip="IDS_TIP_Y" />
    <rating name="TV-Y7" order="2" text="IDS_RATING_Y7" description="IDS_DESC_Y7" tip="IDS_TIP_Y7" />
    <rating name="TV-YFV" order="3" text="IDS_RATING_YFV" description="IDS_DESC_YFV" tip="IDS_TIP_YFV" />
    <rating name="TV-G" order="4" text="IDS_RATING_G" description="IDS_DESC_G" tip="IDS_TIP_G" />
    <rating name="TV-PG" order="5" text="IDS_RATING_PG" description="IDS_DESC_PG" tip="IDS_TIP_PG" />

    <rating name="TV-14" order="6" text="IDS_RATING_14" description="IDS_DESC_14" tip="IDS_TIP_14" />
    <rating name="TV-MA" order="7" text="IDS_RATING_MA" description="IDS_DESC_MA" tip="IDS_TIP_MA" />
  <!-- Games Explicit Ratings -->
  <ratingSystem name="Games">
    <rating name="M" order="1" />
    <rating name="AO" order="2" />

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